On trend: Having a cake-smashing good time

Bright colours and props help make your photo pop.

How to take your own cake smash photos

THERE are fewer things in this world cuter than a baby covered in cake and brightly coloured icing.

Cake smash photos seem to be taking over the world with mums and dads keen to get a snap of their bundle of joy enjoying the delights of their very first super sugar fix.

But with some people charging almost $500 for a professional photoshoot, not everyone can afford it.

So why not have a go at it yourself.

All you need is a baby, cake, balloons and a camera (even a smart phone could do the trick).

Firstly pick your colour palette.

Bright colours work best, and it’s even better if you can choose a colour that comes in food dye.

It’s also good if you have an old white bed sheet or table cloth you can use as a background to make the colours really pop.

Next, bake a cake (or even better, buy a cheap ready made one from your local supermarket) – chocolate works best as the colour really shows up in photos.

A handy hint is to cut the cake into smaller pieces while keeping it in shape before icing. It helps those little hands get in and get messy.

Cover the cake in your choice of coloured icing. Go crazy – the more icing the better.

You’ll also need about five balloons – it just adds something to the background and they are an affordable way to take your photo to the next level.

And finally, BABY!

There is nothing better than a classic white singlet, but don’t be afraid to add pops of colour to their outfit like a tulle skirt or a matching bow tie for boys.

And get snapping.

The trick is to have someone there to help get baby smiling, because they can’t really see your face when you are behind the camera.

ALSO – take heaps of photos. You are bound to get at least one cracking shot out of 100.

Have fun and get messy!