Victoria’s top baby names revealed

Charlotte and Oliver were the top choices again!

There were no surprises again this year with the most popular baby names in Victoria revealed as Oliver and Charlotte.

75,000 babies were born in Victoria in 2020 according to the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages.

546 Victorian babies were named Oliver – with Noah, William, Jack and Charlie the top 5.

Victoria also welcomed 413 Charlottes in 2020 – just 11 more than Amelia, which placed second, followed closely by Olivia, Mia and Isla. Recent years have seen little movement in the most popular names for both boys and girls, with Oliver, Jack, William, Olivia and Charlotte claiming a top five spot each year for the past decade.

Archie and Theodore appeared in the top 20 boys names for the first time ever.   For the full list of popular baby names visit   Attorney-General Jaclyn Symes congratulated all of the parents who welcomed babies in 2020.

“Naming a child is often the first of many important decisions we make as parents – and it’s always fascinating to see which names are the most popular each year.”

TOP 20 OF 2020
1. Oliver 1. Charlotte

2. Noah

2. Amelia
3. William 3. Olivia
4. Jack 4. Mia
5. Charlie 5. Isla
6. Thomas 6. Ava
7. Leo 7. Matilda
8. Henry 8. Chloe
9. Levi 9. Grace
10. Archie 10. Ella
11. Oscar 11. Willow
12. Lucas 12. Sophie
13. Ethan 13. Zoe
14. Liam 14. Harper
15. Hudson 15. Evie
16. James 16. Ruby
17. Theodore 17. Ivy
18. Alexander 18. Isabella
19. Elijah 19. Mila
20. Isaac 20. Evelyn