Power of play

Therapy Through Play founder Jesse.

Covid-19 presented unprecedented challenges for families across Australia.

Although we seem to be on our way toward a Covid-normal existence, what is unfortunately still being felt by many families is the unprecedented challenge of children dealing with the fallout from the pandemic.

Some of these challenges include feelings of anxiety, low confidence, loss of social skills, loss of drive, uncertainty, and difficulty re-adapting to school.

If your child is dealing with any of these – they’re not alone!

Jesse, the founder of Therapy Through Play, holds a Masters of Child Play Therapy from Deakin University, where he’s now also a play therapy supervisor.

‘Having a 22 month old and another on the way, I’ve only ever known parenthood during a pandemic. I’m acutely aware of some of the challenges it has created,’ he said. 

Through Play Therapy, children are able to access the therapeutic powers of play:

– Facilitating communication;

– Fostering emotional wellness;

– Increasing personal strengths; and

– Enhancing social relationships.

Under the guidance of a qualified play therapist, it is within play – children’s natural form of communication – that the effectiveness of the therapy occurs.

Play allows children to express and process the unimaginable in imaginable ways.

It provides the emotional distance necessary for communication, learning and processing.

To find out more, visit www.therapythroughplay.com or email Jesse at jesse.therapythroughplay@gmail.com.