A touch of wildlife wonder

Reptile Encounters takes pride in making kids' parties extra special.

Burwood Zoo is a vital sanctuary for more than 90 native Australian species, many of which face threats in the wild.

It’s not just a display; it’s a hub dedicated to conservation and education.

The zoo’s focus on conservation is evident in its efforts to connect people with Australian wildlife.

Through workshops and tours guided by experienced zookeepers, visitors gain insights into these creatures and the urgent need to protect their natural habitats.

The Zookeeper for a Day programs offer an immersive experience for all ages, including NDIS participants.

Participants get hands-on, learning how to care for animals like crocodiles, snakes, and insects, fostering an understanding of the responsibilities involved.

The behind-the-scenes tours provide a peek into the animals’ habitats within the zoo, revealing the dedication invested in nurturing these creatures.

For those undecided on any upcoming Christmas gifts, a Reptile Encounters gift voucher offers a unique experience, allowing recipients to delve into the world of reptiles and appreciate Australian wildlife in a special way.

Furthermore, Reptile Encounters takes pride in making kids’ parties extra special by bringing a touch of wildlife wonder.

Make your child’s party memorable with a selection of wild animal parties from Reptile Encounters.

The experienced team will bring a mobile zoo directly to you. Your guests will be dazzled by interactive shows, ensuring your party is a huge success.

Join the Reptile Encounters team as it embarks on an exciting journey of education, exploration, and conservation.

For bookings or further information, visit www.reptileencounters.com.au or call 1300 427 627.