Chris dives deep to save the sea

Chris Humfrey dives deep into the world of sea creatures in his new book.

An Aussie zoologist is diving headfirst into the underwater realms of Australia’s shorelines, continuing his mission to educate and inspire the nation’s young minds.

From his earliest memory of spotting a seal at Phillip Island to his present life living, sleeping, and dining alongside more than 2000 native creatures, nobody understands Australian wildlife quite like Chris Humfrey.

In his third book, Incredible Coastal Critters, Chris invites readers to get up close and personal with our most fascinating sea creatures, including the deadly southern blue-ringed octopus, purple sea urchins, pot-bellied seahorse, little penguins, and more.

It’s written for children aged five to seven years. They’ll love the exciting and funny photos, along with QR videos that enhance their understanding of detail.

The interactive digital vision plunges readers from the page into the intricacies of each animal’s classification, adaptations, habitat, environment, and ecological role – all intertwined with fascinating and quirky fun facts from Chris.

“Our seas are essential to our very existence,” he said.

“Did you know at least half the planet’s oxygen which we breathe is derived from oceans?

“It makes me so sad that people treat the ocean just like one big toilet.”

Chris believes kids are the key to saving Australia’s precious wildlife and, through his books, he aims to empower a young army of animal allies to change the future.

“Remember, education is the key to conservation,” he said.

“Let’s all do something small in order to make a big positive impact on the natural world in which we live.

“If we study, learn, and develop an understanding and empathy for all creatures, we are more likely to want to protect and conserve all species.”

The book is intended as a companion, guiding children through an ongoing wildlife adventure.

Chris’s greatest hope is that by conveying the magic and wonder of ocean critters, he can ignite in others a profound appreciation for Australia’s precious native sea life.

A lifelong conservationist and animal welfare crusader, Chris runs animal sanctuary Wild Action Zoo in Victoria’s Macedon Ranges.

Drop by his home and you’ll find an elderly python in the bathtub, kangaroos in the lounge room, or even Derek the penguin, who’s known for singing on cue.

He started his television career reporting alongside Dr Chris Brown on the show Talk to the Animals and has since produced and directed two television series documenting his animal-centric world: Chris Humfrey’s Wild Life and Chris Humfrey’s Animal Instinct.

Incredible Coastal Critters by Chris Humfrey, published by New Holland Publishers, is available in bookstores or from for $24.99.