Egg donation drive

Melissa and Alfie Masucci with daughter Olivia and Zara. Picture: Monash IVF

Before they were born, sisters Olivia and Zara Masucci travelled halfway around the world together.

The pair was among a special delivery of donated eggs from the United States that Melissa and Alfie Masucci hoped would help them create their much-wanted family.

The Epping couple started trying for a family in 2018, before turning to fertility treatment two years later.

Melissa’s fertility specialist advised her to seek donated eggs.

She received seven from an overseas donor and created two embryos – “two perfect babies”.

Olivia was born in September 2021 and Zara in 2023.

“We were never turned off by the fact they were donor eggs, we just wanted a family,” Melissa said.

“We were both in our forties and thought if this is our best option, then we’re willing to give it a go.”

Melissa is grateful to her overseas donor, but she and Alfie would like to see more Victorian women become donors to give people like her greater options.

Monash IVF fertility specialist Dr Virochana Kaul, who guided the couple through their journey, echoed their wish.

Dr Kaul said last year marked the 40th anniversary of the first birth from a donor egg, which happened in Melbourne.

“Egg donation is a truly, amazing gift and I would urge anyone who can donate their eggs to consider helping others unable to use their own eggs,” she said.

According to the Victorian Assisted Reproductive Treatment Authority, 288 Victoria received egg donations in 2022-23, a drop of 27 percent on the previous financial year.

More information on how to become a Monash IVF egg donor is available at

Australia’s first public sperm and egg bank is also accepting donations, at Victoria’s Royal Women’s Hospital. Visit