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Unlocking literacy at Andale School

"We really struggled to make progress with Grace’s reading," explains Donna, a parent from Andale School. "We spent hundreds of hours practicing sight words,...

Building resilience in young children

All children will experience obstacles and challenges as part of their everyday lives. Resilience is the ability to bounce back when these challenges or setbacks...

Bush School at Preshil

With spring in the air, the children at Preshil are ready to see how their bush classroom, which they call 'The Pines', is flourishing....

Preparing your child for prep

A child’s first day at school is a unique milestone in a parent’s journey. It’s a time of excitement for what lies ahead, sometimes...

Helping kids reconnect after Covid-19

After spending almost six of the last 18 months in and out of lockdown, it’s no surprise that some children and teens are less...

BUGS Gymnastics

BUGS Gymnastics has been providing recreational gymnastics classes to the local community for more than 30 years. They also offer advanced classes for Intermediate...

Investing in play

My Playroom is your one-stop local toy shop. From high quality open-ended toys and learning resources to cool furniture, My Playroom has everything you...

A piece of Canterbury’s history

The Canterbury Toy Library is a great place to meet new people local to the area.

Leaning into a positive birth experience

It can be an anxious lead-up to the birth, and it’s often the fear of the unknown that runs at the heart of it.

Let stuff go like a teen

Here’s how a teen thinks about stuff they no longer want.

Daughters, dangers and inner signs

Girlhood is wonderful, but we need our ’weapons’ sharp, writes Steve Biddulph.

A playgroup for young and old

There’s a playgroup in Toorak that’s bringing generations together. Each fortnight at aged care facility BlueCross Darnlee, residents and children interact via video over Zoom. They...