Police here to help, not discipline

Police aren''t here to discipline your children - they are here to protect them from the bad guys

By Melissa Meehan

Police are pleading with parents not to make them the bad guys when it comes to disciplining their kids.

It’s a tale as old as time – parents threatening that the police will come and get them if they don’t behave.

Leading Senior Constable Lisa Brooks says she and her colleagues are doing their best to change old habits.

“We often hear when were walking around festivals and shopping centres,” she said.

“Joey you better be good, the police are going to get you.”

We are your friends

Armed with her “fun police” lanyard LSC Brooks will stop and explain to parents and their kids that she’s there to help them, not to take them away.

“We will stop the parents and speak to child, it’s Mum and Dad’s job top make sure your behaving. It’s our job to help you because that’s what we are here for,” she said.

“Because one of the first things you can teach your kids is to come to us when they are in trouble. It’s not our job to discipline, police are here to help. We are your friends.”

Parents often say they’ve never thought of it that way and it’s been something that has been passed on from generation to generation.

“I remember my mum saying it,” LSC Brooks says.

“But we do stop and address it.”

Speaking to parents is just one way of building trust and respect with young children across Victoria. Each area is different, but police often go into schools and kinders to introduce themselves and arm kids with information.

Whether it’s a cyber safety talk, flashing their lights at a kinder or running a blue light disco – the message is simple.

Police are here to help, and it’s important that children aren’t afraid of them.