Are you ready to get back on the hamster wheel?

Now is a great time to take stock of your life before getting back on the hamster wheel.

By Julie Cliff - professional organiser

Are you ready to get back on the hamster wheel?

If you’re a working mum in Melbourne there is no doubt you have been juggling a lot of things during the various lockdowns over the past 18 months: remote learning, your own paid work, keeping everyone fed, bathed and clothed. It’s a lot to do in the confines of your own home with very little outside help.

As we venture out again, I ask you to think about how you are spending your time now and take stock. By taking stock of where you are at and keeping one eye on the future (where you’d like to get to), you can start to put things in place to organise the life you want.

Take stock of the things you are juggling

As you go through each day, take stock of all the things you’re juggling.

– How many hours are you working each week and how much ‘me time’ are you scheduling?

– Are you spending time on meal planning?

– How much exercise are you squeezing in each day?

– Who’s doing the home chores and when are they done?

Plan now for the future

Are you ready to get back on the hamster wheel? Do you want things to go back to ‘normal’ and run around like a headless chook or do you want to make some changes?

Now is an amazing opportunity for you to organise the life you want. With a clear picture of how you want your future to look, you can make a plan with systems and processes to support your ‘new’ future.

– Want to work shorter hours? Do you need to work smarter or be clearer on your tasks and priorities and leave the office on time? Or do you need to get a new job?

– Want to work more from home?

– Want to eat healthier food by creating a set of four to six weekly meal plans?

– Want to spend more time with specific people? Get it in the diary.

– Want to get the family involved in running the household? Say no when someone tells you it’s your job. Have a detailed discussion now about who does what.

What next?

Among all your juggling now, have one eye on the future. Start to create the systems around you at home to support the life you want to live.

Need help?

Julie Cliff is a professional organiser at Space and Time which helps busy working mothers live easier, far less stressful lives through simple, easy to implement organising systems to clear the clutter – both mentally and physically. Sound familiar? Julie would love to hear from you via